Project Logic Train Concept

The project counts with two main strategies:

  1. The main idea of the project is to replace Invasive Prenatal Diagnostic methods by extracting and analyzing fetal DNA from maternal blood using a LabonaChip strategy. Patented molecular tube techniques will be transferred into unique LabonaChip designs an medical systems. These systems will give a unique world position to the only European supply chain that has their own patent portfolio to sell prenatal diagnostics based on fetal DNA from maternal blood.  This driving idea is represented in the following figure.angelstrategy
  2. The idea of applying product line engineering tools to ANGELAB research.  The three envisioned integrated systems (ANGELAB1, 2, and 3) will have common mechanical, fluidic, and embedded electronics parts.  Due to their commonalities, the three different ANGELAB devices will be considered as a product line of embedded systems. Therefore, their development and engineering will be addressed using the adequate methodologies and lifecycle management.  This is common in System Development, however, we would implement for first time the same methodology to the fabrication of LabonaChips.