Project information

 ANGELAB, is the acronym for “A New Genetic Laboratory for non-invasive prenatal diagnosis” (contract number 317635 for Large-scale integrating project (IP)):

  • Budget: 10,955,292 €
  • Funded: 8,265,938€
  • Duration: 48 months (20012-2016)

The project, co-ordinated by Ikerlan, a member of the IK4 research alliance aims ultra-low-cost laboratories on chips (LOC) without compromising time response, sensitivity or simplicity of use.

The project seeks to develop a family of rapid diagnostic products that are able to accurately detect common genetic prenatal syndromes and diseases and to minimize the use of current invasive techniques such as amniocentesis.

The ANGELAB consortium has gathered world leaders in non-invasive prenatal diagnostic (NIPD) and Lab-on-a-Chip technologies. It also receives advice and recommendations from an external committee for scientific, economic and ethical counseling, bringing the project to the international forefront of research and innovation in NIPD.

The project is scheduled to complete its work within four years with a planned pilot production line of the new devices. The ANGELAB systems will be verified by the research centers of the consortium, and technically validated with patients through more than 400 diagnostic tests in Hospital de Donostia (Biodonostia) and Hospital de Basurto from Spain, and the Cyprus Institute of Neurology and Genetics (CING) from Cyprus.