Exploitation of Project Results

Exploitation activities

This project will end with 4 demonstrations of the envisioned systems.  It is not intended to fully substitute the invasive tests in a short term. We want to demonstrate that these systems are capable of replacing current invasive methods.  The project will end once these new instruments are CE certified and demonstrated in localized hospitals.  Afterwards, the exploitation of the project results is planned to be done in three stages:

  1. In the first stage, we will offer a subtitute to the invasive prenatal diagnosis, oriented to high risk pregnancies, which is 7-10% of all pregnancies
  2. After that, in the second stage we will offer it to precious pregnancies, wich account for about 20% of all pregnancies (IVF pregnancies, women >35 years old, couples who have financial ability to pay)
  3. And finally, in the third stage, we will offer it to all pregnancies (prenatal screening)

The following activities have been carried out: NIPD Market competitors, Business model, Cost model, and intellectual property management.

The new ANGELAB supply chain model has been identified

  • ANGELAB1 and ANGELAB2 will be commercialized by DNAData and NIPD Genetics. ANGELAB3 commercialization will be split among these two companies under geographical agreements. DNA Data and NIPD Genetics, companies that already possess the sales and marketing infrastructure.
  • Their supplier will be POC microSOLUTIONS, in charge of the manufacturing of the three ANGELAB systems and their corresponding LabonaChips.
  • POC microSOLUTIONS will establish agreements with components providers (eg. Ademtech will provide the magnetic beads for the kits, Biopharma will provide the reagents, CAN QD…), aimed at the final production and logistics of corresponding components (LabonaChips and the readers).  See the graph below.
  • LPPL will be commercialized by EVGroup.