Ethical issues

Ethical Issues

Ethical issues are crucial in the Angelab project. An entire workpackage (WP) is dedicated to this purpose and to ensure the following:

1. The definition and design of the developed systems is going to have feedback from the Ethical WP
2. The systems will not detect any condition without clinical relevance
3. Ethics approval will be provided by the national Ethics committees of the partners involved in sample collection (Spain and Cyprus)
4. It will be ensured that the consortium as a whole respects and follows international principles & declarations including but not limited to:

  • Right of each person to make its own decision
  • Avoid causing harm
  • Take positive steps to help others
  • Benefits and risks should be balanced
  • Include informed consent and pretest counselling
  • Consider the effect and impact of widespread NIPD testing (e.g., gender, paternity, normal variation, pregnancy termination, equitable access to testing, etc.)